Where I am today after Bounce

When reflecting on how Bounce is effecting me, I can easily look over this chart and see similarities to what I am reading. I have seen myself chock when under “perceived” pressure from administration. I have seen how my creativity is put on hold due to my initial fears of teaching. When thinking about how important purposeful practice is easy to see when thinking about all I learned in the past 10 years of teaching. My skills are much more refined and I have a much larger and creative “toolbox” in which to pool from. I completely understand the value of modeling, both for my students but for me as well. Finally, I can certainly see how motivation for my occupation and the content pushes me further and harder with a sometimes unyielding creative streak. I have also found that this sense of security comes from all that I previously mentioned, as well as, my two colleagues and the administration who have embraced and pushed me to be more creative.

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