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My visual journey to now,

As excited and overjoyed as I was to begin my Doctoral program into Creativity and Generative Design, thinking about the overwhelming stressful commitment of this three-year life changing commitment, I had to keep telling myself,

I didn’t understand it at the time, but I was fighting a,

Then we began to read the book that started my brain to sprout.  The ideas and concepts presented by the author were some that I’d never entertained the thought of beforehand.  This book challenged my thinking about gifted and talented, especially since I have my gifted and talented certification from DESE


The information ignited a fire in me for reaching all students in my classroom no matter what previous labels and negative experiences had transpired up until that point.  I had an epiphany of wanting to change my classroom teaching and approach.

Then came the fuel to the fire that took my flame from flicker to three alarm status, with Carol Dweck’s,

This revolutionary style of thinking and teaching takes the limits off of teachers to become the facilitators and students to grow their brains and mindsets through hard work, effort, and perseverance by changing our thinking and talking,


By taking a short assessment, anyone can discover their present mindset

After taking the above assessment, I realized that my mindset is not totally fixed based off of the following assessment results,

Assessment Feedback
Your Current Mindset:

Right now, you are unsure about whether you can develop your intelligence. You probably care about performing well and you do want to learn, but you may still think that achievement should come easily and feel a bit discouraged when you perform poorly at something.

You are moving toward a growth mindset, but there may be a few ideas holding you back from achieving all that you are capable of doing. It could be that you are reluctant to risk failure, or feel concerned about others’ judgments of you, because you see performance as a measure of your ability. Or you may have a few areas where you are not certain that you can “cut it.” If you are holding back from taking on challenges or trying new things, you probably have more potential than you are using!

People who believe that they can increase their intelligence through effort and challenge actually get smarter and do better in school, work, and life over time. They know that mental exercise makes their brains grow smarter—the same way that exercise makes an athlete stronger and faster. And they are always learning new ways to work smart and build their brains.

A growth mindset is something that you can develop. Would you like to find out how you can practice more of a growth mindset and reach your full potential? Visit to learn more.

I do believe the growth mindset resonates with me on a personal basis as well as a professional basis, and I will have to work hard to change and grow my mindset as I help my students to work hard to change and grow theirs.  We will all need to destroy the stinking thinking cycle.

These resources can be incorporated into the classroom to help students be malleable, as well as encourage and motivate them toward developing a growth mindset


A sharable resource for those educators who are incorporating growth mindset techniques, but are not seeing the success they would like with growth mindset should read,


At this point in this journey I have realized that the growth mindset way of life is summed up in these messages


Vielia /pronounced (Vielay)







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    Beverly Jackson


    Outstanding blog, and thank your for the info and graphics. I’m going to copy some of them for my encouragement visuals on my wall, and in my journal. I feel thankful to have a cohort member that can speak to our personal challenges. Let’s grow and transform our “stinky thinking” step by step. Then, learn to help students do the same. God’s Peace.


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