5 Reasons to Learn Like a 5 Year-Old



  1. Nothing is impossible. The world is full of mysteries. When you don’t know the limitations of gravity, you will continue to throw the ball, fly the kite, throw the paper airplane and watch what happens. You will make and remake your theories about how it all works. You will ask your mom the same thing a thousand times, expecting a different answer each time. The world is still soft at the edges and malleable. https://www.ted.com/talks/kid_president_i_think_we_all_need_a_pep_talk
  2. How people act are more important than how they look, unless you look at them really carefully and then ask how they got that wart. You might be confused by a difference in skin color or hair color, at first, but then how they react to you influences your perception of them. What makes someone nice or mean is how they act, repeatedly, not what they look like. You observe them very carefully, judging their reactions to your jokes, or questions. Are they smiling or growing frustrated. Do they even notice you? How you can learn from them depends on how they perceive you.
  3. Falling down is so you can learn how to stay on your feet longer. Feeling failure is not an automatic default, it takes years to ingrain that into a child’s psyche. Learning by doing, seeing what works and doesn’t is how things are invented, discoveries made, theories created. https://www.ted.com/talks/tom_wujec_build_a_tower?language=en
  4. A walk around the block should take an hour or more. Cracks in the sidewalk alone raise a million questions; what concrete is made of, why there are cracks, will your mother’s back really break, who come up with that, how is concrete made, who made the sidewalk, and 999, 994 more questions. The ability to observe and notice, using all the senses tell us much more than looking at our iPhones. Most humans have the abilities they need to learn about their environment in order to survive and thrive. Time spent outside, to exercise those senses, is crucial for all of us, not just five year olds. https://www.ted.com/playlists/289/the_genius_of_babies
  5. A run around the block can take 3 minutes. When you are focused and intent, maybe taking on a challenge, you are motivated to get going and finish. The pure joy of using your muscles, going full steam ahead can fill you with exhilaration. Feeling the wind rush past you, and breathing deeply reminds us we are alive.

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